Dachshunds Armchair


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Red/Olive Dachshunds

You'll guess by now that I have a terrible weakness for chairs!! I get the greatest of pleasure finding an interesting shaped chair that needs rescuing before hitting landfill. I  don't love the hauling it home but LOVE the dreaming about which of my gorgeous English linens will look the best on a particular piece. It's very exciting to receive said chair back from my upholsterer who does the most amazing job. My greatest joy is when I sell my chairs because then it means I can embark on dreaming about another commission. I don't have a large profit margin on these by any stretch of the imagination as restoration costs A LOT and my linens don't come cheap. There's enough though to let me continue this extremely fun part of my business so thank you tomorrow those of you who buy my chairs then extremely sweetly tell me how much enjoyment you receive from owning one. 

Collection is from Balmain Sydney or I can deliver north shore Sydney, inner west Sydney, NSW southern highlands and eastern suburbs Sydney. 

  • 90cm wide
  • 88cm high
  • 100cm deep