Antique Hungarian/Romanian tablecloth + 10 matching napkins


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This pink embroidered antique linen tablecloth and matching set of 10 linen napkins are of exceptional quality.  

All the napkins and tablecloth are identically handmade and hand-stitched. The napkins although identically stitched are in 2 sizes. This, in no way, detracts from the desirability as I've had to fight myself not to keep!!!

The tablecloth measures 220 cm by 144 cm approximately.

I cannot imagine the time that some wonderful lady/ladies spent making this. I bought this on my recent trip to France in Normandy at an amazing price for the value of this bundle hence the price of $195 including postage Australia wide.

It's a thick quality linen. There are 2 marks on the entire set which are pictured. One on the end of the tablecloth which you probably won't see and one on one of the napkins. All washed and ironed.