5 Stripe Mid Blue Hungarian Grain Sack


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I've been using antique linens for more than a decade now with antique Hungarian and French grain sack stripes up there as my absolute favourites.

These linens were hand loomed over one hundred years ago in Hungary and France. The French ones are now virtually non existent but look exactly the same and are just as good quality as the French ones.

Grain sacks are very strong, and survive much abuse and washes like a dream.
I just throw it in the washing machine with a bit of softener and tumble dry. I know we shouldn't be tumble drying but with some things needs must!

When you purchase a grain sack that's say 110 cm by 50 cm you're actually buying double that length of linen to use to your heart's content. 

I use these linens in my own home as big cushions on my banquette seats. These big cushions make ideal floor cushions in playroom reading corners, beach houses, and as an accent cushion on beds. Grain sack stripe fits in with many genres of decor.

I often split the seams on the grain sack and iron them out to sell as table runners. They look very effective. If you prefer a tablecloth which I do you can use as white antique French linen sheet on the bottom and laying the grain sack runner over the top down the middle of the table for a very cosy French style laid table.

I've had people purchase grain sack linen to make blinds, curtains, handbags, (click here to see one I have in stock) bunting and the list goes on.

I always use feather inserts for a wonderful plump luxurious feel.

Measuring 57 cm by 124 cm