Cashmere scarf knitting & crocheting Workshop - Friday, 21st May

Scottish Cashmere Australia

Product Care

Friday, 21st May
10am to 3pm
Balmain Studio

NOTE : To participate in the workshop day a kit also needs to be purchased at the same time. The $150 is the cost of the day from 10am to 3 pm, the teacher's time and morning tea and lunch. And special incentive is a 10% discount on anything in the store on the day of the workshop only.


Knitting /crochet workshop with 100% Italian cashmere 

For the beginner knitter/ crocheter (or if you just want to come; we'd love to have you!) 

These classes are the chance to create something beautiful with your hands, join us for a fun day of learning to knit, crochet or skill revision. Our expert teacher will guide you to create a luxurious cashmere scarf using handmade, Tasmanian Oak needles. Enjoy the art of slowing down, remembering the old ways, sit down with us with homemade cake and lunch whilst knitting or crocheting.

I will prepare a delicious lunch of finger sandwiches, cake, biscuits and slices plus all the tea and coffee you desire. 

As a special incentive everything you buy from my studio on the day of your class only will have a 10% discount applied. For those of you who know me this is a very rare opportunity as my prices are relatively very good.  Compile a wish list especially from my cashmere website. 

Maximum 6 students on each day.  Limited numbers are to ensure your health and wellbeing, to comply with social distancing requirements and to ensure that you are able to get adequate attention. Book early to avoid disappointment!

NOTE : To participate in the workshop day a kit also needs to be purchased at the same time. The $150 is the cost of the day from 10am to 3 pm, the teacher's time and morning tea and lunch. And special incentive is a 10% discount on anything in the store on the day of the workshop only. 


Macarena is an artist and teacher who draws inspiration from the many places she has visited and lived including London, Houston and Sydney. Her work ranges from large classical paintings to illustrations for children’s books and are all inspired by a deep love of nature. Macarena describes herself as a modern day Beatrix Potter living in an enchanted forest with a basket of knitting!

Macarena believes knitting and crochet is art that warms you and nourishes your soul. Her teaching style is to give guidance as well as encourage students to explore their own creativity

Macarena has had several solo exhibitions and her artwork is held in private collections around the world.

More of Macarena’s work can be viewed on: 


Each kit will come in my beautiful Scottish Cashmere Australia presentation boxes. So that you can take your project with you everywhere in the kit I will include my linen drawstring bags made especially for me by Linen Works London. The knitting and crochet needles have been hand crafted especially for me in Tasmania in Tasmanian Oak by the lovely Mary-Jane from Art Viva Tasmania. The cashmere yarn is the most exquisite Italian cashmere.

Your knitting / crocheting presentation box includes:

  • Patterns to create a scarf in both knitted and crochet form.
  • Your choice of knitting needles or a crochet hook handcrafted in Tasmanian Oak monogrammed with Scottish Cashmere Australia ( I'm quite chuffed about this bit!) 
  • Linen Works London drawstring travel bag.
  • 3 balls of my exquisite Italian cashmere knitting yarn are included which is enough to make the scarves. You may choose to purchase a fourth ball at the reduced price of $30 ( one ball only at this price) instead of $40 which is the cost of each ball of yarn ordinarily so you can make it a bit longer and /or create the pom poms. (You'll need to call me for the extra ball; too difficult to sort out on the website!) 

Product Care

After using your new cashmere garment for the first few times you may find small balls of fibre forming on the surface. These small balls or 'pills' are caused by some of the loose fibre tangling together as areas of your garment are rubbed during wear. Pills can be easily removed by hand or by using a depilling knitwear comb.

You will find that, after lavishing a little care and attention on your cashmere and removing the pills in this way, the garment will actually consolidate and soften in handle and touch. Like fine wine, cashmere will improve with age if cared for properly. 


We recommend that your  cashmere is gently washed after it has been used three or four times. Cashmere knitwear can be hand washed or dry cleaned. We recommend hand washing, following these simple guidelines:

  1. Your cashmere should be hand washed in lukewarm water (30℃) using a cashmere shampoo or a similar wool wash.
  2. Gently squeeze the suds through the fabric, taking care not to rub, wring or stretch the garment.
  3. Rinse thoroughly but carefully in clean lukewarm water. Saturated garments should not be lifted before excess water has been gently squeezed out as they may stretch. A short, light spin in a washing machine will remove most of the water.
  4. Smooth the garment back into its original shape and place flat on a towel - dry naturally away from direct heat such as radiators or sunlight. Do not tumble dry.
  5. When dry, press lightly with a cool iron.

If you would like more information about how to care for your cashmere products, please get in touch.

Storing your Cashmere Ponchos & Wraps

To keep your wraps & ponchos in optimum condition I highly recommend you store them after use in the packaging that you received them in.