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Product Care


Linen items can be both hand washed and machine washed - either of these methods are fine and won’t stretch or shrink your linens. Select a gentle wash, 40°C. Do not overload the machine. Choose a very low spin cycle if the linen has any special finishes such as fringed edges, we always advise to shake very well our fringe collection before drying to straighten out the fringe.

Eco friendly Detergent: It’s easy to find brands of laundry detergents without nasties such as optical brighteners, which weakens fabrics. We like companies like Bio-d and Wilton which are doing a great job.

We personally do our laundry with baking soda, vinegar and essential oil and we are very pleased with the results.


Pure linen doesn’t have to be ironed but if you enjoy a crisp linen finish, try ironing whilst it’s still damp. First iron on the wrong side first, then on the right side to bring out the natural linen sheen. Iron dark linens on the wrong side only.

If your linen has already dried out before ironing, we recommend using plenty of linen water or any other water spray, either spraying directly onto the product or pouring into the iron reservoir.

The natural straw-like fibre of the flax plant absorbs the moisture from the air and body into the fibre - it really

is a unique characteristic of linen as a natural fibre, and the reason why it is so popular in warmer weather, because it is particularly pleasing on the skin. However to have this softness, it has to have moisture.


Air drying your linen is always recommended plus it is better for the environment.

Air-dry your clothes, it helps reduce static! I also really encourage air-drying because it not only saves a lot of energy, it's better for the environment but really increases the longevity of all natural fabrics because there’s considerably less rubbing and wear –

Just look in the lint tray, those are all fibres that have been broken off or pulled from the fabric!  

Air-dried clothes will sometimes feel less soft than using a dryer, especially if you’re used to fabric softeners, but you can try just putting them in the dryer for few minutes to fluff them up.

If you NEED to use a dryer, wool dryer balls can not only help soften your linens but also cut down on drying time.

Also don’t over-dry your linens, the dryness is what causes static and make your linens feel less soft.

We don’t recommend tumble drying our fringed collections.


One of the joys of pre-washed linens is that you won’t experience any first wash shrinkage. If you choose a linen that hasn’t been pre-washed, allow for 3-5%. This includes our fabric by the metre.